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I am delighted to inform you about the new working hours from 1st January 2021.

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I'm glad you chose Gynecology Femina s.r.o. to meet your healthcare needs. We are glad to help you with medical services in gynecology and obstetrics. When you visit our clinic you will soon find that you are our top priority! We are trying to provide you with the best health care services. You are not just another patient - it is one of our beloved patients and we will treat you with the respectful attention you deserve.

Pleasant environment

By combining years of clinical experience and deep empathy with pentacles, we can create a pleasant environment where you can. Patients can feel at ease even in more demanding gynecological procedures. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our patients get the best diagnostic and preventive care.

When you visit our ambulance, do not hesitate and be active, do not hesitate to ask questions and express your concerns ... we just want to help!!!

Contacts You can find our office in Domoradice.

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Our team Doctor and nurse

Andrea Římanová, MD doctor

Alexandra Švamberková nurse

Our services My clinical aesthetics include preventive care from childhood to adolescence to menopause.


Gynecology Femina offers year-round preventive examinations with PAP tests, breast examination and HPV testing, vaccination against HPV virus / all 3 Gardasil, Gardasil 9, Cervarix /. It also offers testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, therapy of abnormal bleeding. Preventive care should be a priority for every woman.

We also provide advice on family planning, as well as an explanation of different contraceptive options.

If you have difficulty getting pregnant, we can offer you a diagnostic hormone. tests, and ultrasounds to help you figure out what prevents your dreams from becoming pregnant. We also provide ovulation induction / control of egg release from the ovary / to increase your conception capabilities.

I also provide advice on menstrual cycle disorders, pelvic pain, uterine polyps, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and myomas.


If you already expect your first child or your baby, you will probably have some questions and need. a trusted place where we will answer your questions. We are at your disposal and we are going through your pregnancy with you from start to finish.

If you have a risky pregnancy we will be happy to help you.

One of the most beautiful moments of pregnancy is ultrasound, which is magical from the first beat of the heart to 3D ultrasound, where you can look face to face with your child.

Menopausal care

We provide menopausal care. Menopause can be difficult in any woman's life. We help to deal with any unpleasant symptoms. We offer hormone. therapies and risky patients are sent. to screen for osteoporosis.

For beauty Something for improve attractivity our clients

 PRP terapy (platelet rich plasma therapy, whimper lifting)

Dear clients, in our clinic we provide very efficient method of regeneration healthy and beautiful face skin. Have you consider to improve your visage don’t hesitate and try it.

PRP (platelet rich plasma, wimpers facelift) is suitable for stressful, very dry skin , for regeneration skin and regeneration cells damaged with UV radiation and skin in menopause. It is suitable for treatment scars.

It is possible to use it on face, neck, hands. Plasma is absorbed after 48 hours after application. Immediately seems treatment without effect, but within 2 weeks started regeneration and production of collagen and simply you can see it and look more fresh, beautiful.

How it works?

It must be taken blood the blood is processed in centrifuge to isolate the platelets so they are concentrated in the plasma and is applicatted and injected to desired part.

How often is recommended PRP?

If you have young, fresh skin without extreme aging 1 treatment every half per year.

If you loss of your skin tones , skin elasticity it is recommended 2-3 application within 2-3 weeks and then continue every half an year.

For better effect and filling wrinkles is possible applicated plasma with acidum hyaluronicum. Effect is multiplied.

Price for one PRP therapy is 2500 Kč (85 Euro).
Price for one PRP therapy with acidum hyaluronicum is 4500 Kč (170 Euro).

 Botullinum toxin - smoothing wrinkles

  • removes wrinkles (relaxes muscles and completely reduces wrinkles)
  • rejuvenates the skin
  • very fast treatment without need of anesthesia
  • repeated effect prolongs

Botulotoxin is used to remove mimic wrinkles especially between the eyebrows, wrinkles of forehead and external eyes.

It is also used to reduce sweating (especially armpits, palms and soles).

Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatment that relax the muscles, which helps hide years of your appearance, give you youthful appearance.

Application of botox takes about 10-15 minutes. It is not painful.

The effect of botox is reversible - the effect lasts about 6 months.

Immediately after procedure, it is possible to return to work.

If you are interested in looking few years younger, you can order. We help you.

Price of our botox:

wrinkles between the eyebrows70 Euro
wrinkles on the forehead70 Euro
wrinkles around. the eyes70 Euro
wrinkles around mouth (if you smoking) or other areasdepends by prior agreement